7 Local Denver, Black owned businesses to support

Olivia Merrill | The Denver Look

Hi babes! I know it’s been a minute but I wanted to check in with you guys. It’s such a sensitive and vulnerable time right now overall but especially for our black sisters and brothers and it is my intention to spread some light and love and to offer my support in any way possible. So, I’ve decided to shoutout 7 awesome black owned businesses that are local to Denver in hopes that I might shed light on different ways that we can come together and show support.

Rachel Marie Hurst

”Designed with women in mind.” Rachel is one of my all time favorite people…. not to mention her magical creations are nothing short of just that, magic. I’ve has the pleasure of walking in Denver Fashion Week for Rachel two times and each time I am amazed at her talent, determination to succeed and perseverance. You can buy her gorgeous gowns online, feel free to visit the link babes! Psttt… all brands are linked in each title!

TI-A Woven Goods

”Sustainable products to help women make a sustainable living. That’s the root of our business.” This wonderful business offers a stable and flexible work environment for around 500 women in Ghana to work (with or without their children present) and provide for their families in a healthy environment. So not only are you supporting a black-owned business but you are helping support 500 families in Ghana- how cool! Not to mention the baskets they create are gorgeous!

Natural Urbanity

”To provide high quality tailored products that meet your needs, all while making sure affordability is not a concern.” This awesome company was formed by the owner, Cheriece, discovering her love for all-natural when she made the choice to love and accept herself in her natural state. They offer customizable skin and body care that is 100% natural plus a variety of subscription packages, customizable to your needs. Check them out for sure!

Gem Scents Aromatics

”A conscious brand and collection of natural bath & body products manifested from an illness that turned into a business.” Created with the user in mind, this company designs the scents to leave a last impression and work with each persons body chemicals in order to create a unique body scent. How amazing!

Bloom and Noosh

Next time you find the urge to send something sweet to somebody special, do so while supporting black owned business. Bloom and Noosh offers locally crafted, hand-tied bouquets delivered throughout the Denver Metro area. They are absolutely stunning!

Be A Good Person

”The most basic concept.” This brand was developed based on a passion for positivity and a brighter future and it really speaks for itself. One of my all time favorites and their merchandise is some of the best quality i’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing!

Herbal Honey

”All of our teas are made with love and your health in mind.” This rockstar company is tea-focused with a foundation built on organic holistic wellness. not to mention over 90% of their products are grown organically using sustainable practices! I personally really love the variety they offer in their blends

I hope you guys find this useful and that you can offer your support, not just during this sensitive time but always and with the reasoning behind your support coming from a place of genuine love and appreciation for others and for their businesses. I know that is my mindset. To our black brothers and sisters – we see you, we hear you and we stand with you. You are not fighting alone in this and we will continue to go to the front lines for you, for our future together and for our children’s futures. Don’t let up the fight.

XOXO, Olivia

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