6 ways you can keep busy and sane at home

Olivia Merrill | The Denver Look

Hi my loves, I hope you are all doing so well, staying home and staying safe. The state of our environment is pretty insane right now and I wanted to try help in any way that I possibly can. So, I’ve put together a list of 6 ways you can keep busy and sane at home all the while supporting local business within our community!

Donate Unwanted Goods

Have you taken on the task of cleaning out your pantry yet? It’s really a great way to positively use up some of your time while organizing your space! Any items collected can be donated to your local food bank as they are looking for donations to help assist the many Coloradans who are facing a more difficult time. Feeding Colorado is the collaborative effort of the five Colorado food banks to coordinate and enhance food resources. Feel free to follow the link to figure out where you can drop your unwanted goods! 

Support Your Local Independents 

There are so many lovely babes who are independent contractors and are not considered an essential business here in Colorado and are therefore going at least two weeks without any pay. However, a lot of these amazing people have found ways to continue to push their business even during this time! One of my favorite photographers, Noah Berg, is pre-booking photo shoots for anyone looking to book at a later date this year. Plan ahead and get on his books! Another photographer I admire and love working with is Blake Jackson. He is also offering pre-bookings for shoots and he is selling his incredible prints online.

Don’t be coming out of quarantine looking so rough sis, Arrow Beauty is sending out custom brow kits that you can apply at home. Lastly, the Glam House Salon is offering custom root touch up kits as well as lash serum to keep you babes looking right through the next few weeks at home.

Give Blood

While we are under a stay-at-home order currently, one of the acceptable outings is a quick trip to your local blood drive. According to the Red Cross, we are facing a serious blood shortage and we need to increase donations as much as possible right now in order to try to save lives. Please visit the Red Cross online to see where you can donate!

Support Local Boutiques Online

There are so many wonderful boutiques you can support if you’re getting the itch to splurge on a little online shopping. A-Line boutique is one of my absolute favorites! They are now offering online shopping for all of their fabulous gear.  Additionally they’re offering 25% off your entire order! Another one of my go-to local shops is All The Pretty Little Things Boutique. They are also offering 25% off site wide on orders $19.99+ in honor of #AloneTogether. 

Neighborhood-Wide Virtual Happy Hour

Have you guys heard of Next-door? It is such a great website where you can connect so easily with your neighbors on so many levels! A great idea to connect even more so is to host a neighborhood wide virtual happy hour on the site. This is a great way to get to know your neighbors even more and it’s a great way to involve people who might be feeling really lonely right now. I suggest using Zoom and posting a specific day and time each week that you will be hosting the happy hour. You never know who you might e-meet!

Practice Self-Care

There are so many ways you can practice self care during this time at home, why not support a local business while you’re at it. Sprout Nourishment is a local nutrition and wellness company specializing in discovering and balancing food sensitivities and skin conditions. This non-invasive testing is collected through an at-home kit of hair and saliva samples that are mailed in and tested… A great way to discover your body imbalances and find ways to boost and balance your immune system! Psst… Jacci is currently taking complimentary phone consultations at 612-567-0398

I hope this offers some good ideas and maybe a little bit of help to whoever out there needs it. Stay healthy!

XOXO, Olivia Merrill

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