Four tips, not trips, on the runway

The Denver Look Walks in Denver Fashion Week Spring 2019

Hi lovers, happy hump day!As you guys as know by now, I had the honor of walking in Denver Fashion Week Spring 2019 for Rachel Marie Hurst and it was such an incredible experience! I met some really cool-ass women (and men) as well as plenty of Denver’s top designers. I found the most thrilling adrenaline, of course, on the runway… If you’re considering walking this fall, don’t let anything stop you babes, go for it.

Video courtesy of 303 Magazine

I recently had a girlfriend approach me wanting to pick my brain about my experience. This inspired me to help push her and anyone else out there to chase after their goal of walking in DFW or any fashion week, for that matter! So, I’ve put together a quick tip list that you can use as a guide at your audition this fall and hopefully beyond. 

  1. The Long Gown: If your designer dresses you in a long gown (like mine did) or trousers, make sure you actually kick the garment out of your path. Now don’t make it look to obvious babes… But this will help you avoid stepping or tripping on the garment, setting you up for success!
  2. Don’t Over-Cross: If you’re the type to dramatically cross your legs on your walk, make sure you’re not over crossing. When you over extend, your feet flair out in the opposite direction and it looks sort of silly to be frank!
  3. Hold Yourself High: Mentally and physically. There will always be another model, or two, who are thinner prettier, more experienced, etc. – whatever it is, give yourself grace and patience and hold your head up high. Psttt… always remember, keep your shoulders back, chest out, and chin up love.
  4. Be Yourself: Don’t try to intimidate someone else’s walk… You were chosen to walk because… you’re you! So embrace who you are and bring your own strut to the catwalk.

I hope this helps all of you beautiful babes out there who are considering fashion week to get out there and do it. Push yourself and chase your dreams, you can do anything you set your mind to and you only have one life! 

XOXO, Olivia Merrill

// Rachel Marie Hurst // Denver Fashion Week // 303 Magazine //

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