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Olivia Merrill | The Denver Look

Hello beautiful readers! Just a little mid-week motivation to encourage you babes to love yourself in all that you do. I truly believe that one of the most important things in life that you could practice is self love, in every stage of life and body-changes that you find yourself in! What better way to remind yourself how beautiful you are (not just inside, but outwardly too) than to take a few sexy selfies to share with your world?! In order to help you guys put your best pic forward, I put together an easy guide on how to take the perfect selfie.

Lighting Is Everything Babe

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The Lumee case is seriously my most prized accessory! It’s the best fill-in for those times you are lacking good natural lighting. It really helps create the flawless selfie in any setting… Plus they have so many different color and style options, all for just $30!

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Don’t Forget the Gloss!

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I have to many selfies that are not Instagram worthy because of my dry lips. This Colorado weather really takes its toll on your skin babes so be sure to keep ‘dem lips hydrated before you snap your selfie. These Fenty Beauty glosses are seriously flawless and only $54.00 for the set.

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Additional tips

Angles… They can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Always try to hold your device above your head and point at a downward angle. This will help eliminate that double chin you might be fighting and it give you a more slim look overall.

Backgrounds… Be conscious of what is behind you babes. Try to go for a solid color or something fun and creative to mix it up! If you’re going for a specific aesthetic on your Instagram page, be sure to incorporate the right color scheme.

Expressions… Be daring and bold, try something different to break out of your comfort zone. You don’t aways have to pretend your kissing the camera… Mix it up my loves! And don’t forget SMIZE (smile w your eyes).

Pretty simple right?! Give it your best shot and drop your favorite selfie in the comments below. I always love to see how my tips turn out amongst my readers.

XOXO, Olivia Merrill

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