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Olivia Merrill

Happy Hump day everyone! Can you believe we’re already in the second week of January? I am excited for the year ahead with a lot of big things in the works! I’m the kind of gal who reevaluates my goals and resolutions all year long, not just on December 31st and, you better believe, I have already been reassessing my goals for this year.

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One goal of mine in particular, that I am trying to nurture into fruition this year, to is to break the stigma associated with the female figure. In particular, in the modeling and fashion industries. Let’s back up, allow me to elaborate…

It undeniably saddens me to think that women have come this far in our movement to stand together in unity and equality in business, music, film, and so on and we have yet to demand a change in the negative connotation associated with the female form. Not only are we suppressed and judged on a constant basis, for ”being to prude, to scandalous, asking for it, to flirty, not smart enough, not cut out for business” (I could go on for days but I’ll save it). Women are also body shamed for being unique and not looking ”a certain way” in order to be considered for high end modeling and fashion gigs.

Of course, we are not all created equal in physical form and we are all beautiful cosmic beings, in our very own unique ways. Why can’t THAT be celebrated and uplifted?? Why do I have to be a size two in order to book a modeling gig?? I wholeheartedly believe you do not have to fit into ”the mold” to be a kick-ass model or blogger, or PERSON, in general. There needs to be a market out there that caters to street size, to every day women, like you and like me. I won’t stop pursuing this goal until I see some change and some unity. Together, let’s break the stigma!

I know it’s a long read, this one, but I wanted you guys to know that I’ve chosen to take what the world may look at as a weakness and turn it into my fuel, my superpower. I hope I’ve inspired you to do the same loves. By the way! This kick-ass shirt is from Miss Me. She is an activist, feminist, and one of the most recognized outlaw artists in North America. She has inspired me personally to embrace an unapologetic stance on the subject… It’s not me, it’s you!

XOXO, Olivia Merrill

Steve Madden Shoes // Fashion Nova Jeans // Miss Me Top // Zara Blazer // Urban Outfitters Bag // Aldo Cap //

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