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Hi loves, happy weekend! I just landed in Maine to visit family for a bit and take a little break from well, LIFE! One thing I do not want to take any break from is my workout routine. I have been pushing myself really hard recently in the gym and if I stop now, I will loose all the progress I’ve made.

Olivia Merrill | The Denver Look

Luckily I have a membership at Planet Fitness, not the fanciest gym I know, but I don’t care. I pay $20 per month and have access to any location in the country, it makes it easy for me to get to the gym while I’m away from home!

Fit Model | The Denver Look

I’ve never been a light packer so when I have to consider making space for my gym clothes, I run into major problems. However, I have converted most of my athleisure to Fabletics. The gear is so lightweight so it doesn’t even take up much space! Not to mention, the comfort level is off the chain and they cater to every size and body type. We all know I love me some body positive workout gear inspired by women!

Olivia Merrill | The Denver Look

Putting on my Fabletics really inspires me and helps me push myself to get into the gym, even on vaca’… Because I feel good about my body and the way it looks and that is everything. What is the best way you guys keep on track with your workout routine while traveling?

Fit Model | The Denver Look


Olivia Merrill | Fit Model

OUTFIT DETAILS // Fabletics Leggings // Fabletics Top // Nike Kicks //

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Posted on January 20, 2019

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