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Hi babes! So, I have been seriously thinking about switching all my hair, makeup, skincare, and so on… to ALL cruelty free products. Although I am Vegan, in the no meat or dairy kind of way, I haven’t quite gotten to “product Veganism” just yet. 

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It’s really hard for me and I feel so torn. I’m very passionate about being Vegan and the do-no-harm type of lifestyle. However, I’m a freakin’ product junkie – no joke. I own every cream, conditioner, oil, face wash, mask, etc. that you can think of! Have any of you babes found some balance between the two? Or maybe you’re going through something similar? I would love to hear more about your thoughts, feedback, and your own experiences!

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I promise to keep you posted on what products I do switch over and how things end up going with it. I did finally switch my deodorant which I am so proud of! I went from Dove to Schmidts Lavander Sage Deodorant  which is awesome! One thing I have done that has helped, specifically with the deodorant, is that I am still applying the old one and combining it with the new. That way my body starts to acclimate to the new one before I quit Dove altogether.

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Helpful hint: When looking for cruelty free products, look for the little bunny ? symbol on the label. Here is a really cool website for list of brands that do not test on animals! 

XOXO, Olivia


OUTFIT DETAILS // Pacsun Tank // Fashion Nova Jeans // Fashion Nove Pumps // Photos by Walnut Street Photography //

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