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I’ve decided that today’s topic should be all about the work/life balance and the endless struggle to maintain that balance day after day, month after month.

First! A little back story for you guys… I’ve been grinding since I was 14 years old… I was babysitting 4 boys even before that, since I was 12. Needless to say, I know what hard work is. I grew up in a lower-middle class family with 5 siblings, and one thing we were taught was how to have a gripping work ethic. This is something that has carried on into my adult life and something I will have forever, something I have always been complimented on, something that I am proud of.

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My strong desire and need to constantly be working or doing something productive has also held me back from having some work/life balance. Literally, having 7 jobs at once or a career that consumes my every free hour – I really have struggled to find time to go to the gym, to get outdoors for some fun, or to just do something nice for myself and have some desperately-needed me time.

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While my work ethic is a characteristic of myself that I strongly uphold and admire, it has been the downfall of some relationships, friendships, and even my own health and mental well-being. Honestly, the balance is something that I still fight every single day. I have gotten much better about time-blocking my day and managing my time but I have found that there are no hidden secrets to this success.

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It’s a constant battle that I find myself in with… me, to take a little time for balance. One thing I don’t want to think about on a daily? The wardrobe… This easy getup is linked below!

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XOXO, Olivia

OUTFIT DETAILS // Midnight Rambler Top // H&M Pants



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